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    APS INVESTMENT PTE. LTD. (‘APSI’ or ‘the Group’), through its operating subsidiary, Advanpack Solutions Pte Ltd (‘APS’) and its joint ventures, provides innovative and integrated flip chip solutions to companies that manufacture semiconductors. Its proprietary flip-chip technologies include the Copper Pillar Bump, Molded Interconnect Substrate, No-Flow Underfill, and flipchip packaging methods and structures including flipchip on leadframe and flipchip on substrate packages.

    APSI was formed as a subsidiary of Advanced Systems Automation Limited (ASA) in 1996 to develop new technologies in the flip chip industry and was later also co-owned by various venture funds. Through a series of restructuring exercises, the Company now counts amongst its shareholders key corporate partners, the CEO, and some original minority shareholders and employees.

    The Company is a global pioneer in Copper Pillar Bump (‘CPB’) technology that is one of the critical pillars of APSI’s technological superiority in the flip chip interconnection arena. APSI’s Molded Interconnect Substrate (‘MIS’) is another global pioneering invention. Invented later than CPB, it is now fast gaining traction with adoption from key licensees.

    APSI is an R&D centered company with its business model based mainly on patent and technology licensing, royalties and technology transfer fees as well as participation in joint ventures. Other than manufacturing plants run by its joint venture partners, it does not have any commercial scale manufacturing facilities of its own but works with its partners and licensees to develop and refine its technologies.

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